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  1. Define consume. consume synonyms, consume pronunciation, consume translation, English dictionary definition of consume. v. con·sumed, con·sum·ing, con·sumes v. tr. 1. To take in as food; eat or drink up. See Synonyms at eat. 2. a. To expend; use up: engines that consume.
    What Is Beef Consommé?
  2. Consume CONSUME is designed to import data directly from the Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS), and the output is formatted to feed other models and provide usable outputs for burn plan preparation and smoke management requirements. Additionally, training and a user’s manual are available.
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  3. It also means that a true consommé is not suitable for vegans, or those who prefer not to consume animal products. Preparing Consommé. Consommé is clarified through a process that involves simmering the stock along with a mixture of egg whites and lean ground meat called a clearmeat.
    consume (v.)
  4. Consume cun-SOOM- Verb: 1) In fantasy football, to pass someone in either the total score of a matchup or in the projections. 2) In fantasy football, when a running back or .
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  5. Aug 09,  · Consume definition: If you consume something, you eat or drink it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
    Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team
  6. Synonyms for consume at stelfeccamarnewscortdekindtherivesemb.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for consume.
    Consommé: Concentrated Soup Stock
  7. con·sume (kən-so͞om′) v. con·sumed, con·sum·ing, con·sumes stelfeccamarnewscortdekindtherivesemb.coinfo 1. To take in as food; eat or drink up. See Synonyms at eat. 2. a. To expend; use up: engines that consume less fuel; a project that consumed most of my time and energy. b. To purchase (goods or services) for direct use or ownership. 3. To waste; squander. 4. To destroy totally.
  8. Oct 21,  · What’s left is a crystal clear liquid that’s traditionally served hot as a soup, or cold (because of the collagen, consommé has a gelatinous consistency when chilled) in a delicacy known as aspic. Personally, I can live without meat gelatin—my favorite way to consume consommé is to sip it straight out of a cup, Canora-style.

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