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  1. May 16,  · Cm Dm Dm Cm You can reduce me to tears Fm7 Cm B With a single sigh Bdim Cm Every breath that you take - Bdim Cm Any sound that you make Bb Eb Is a whisper in my ear Fm7 Bb7 I could give up all my life Eb/G for just one kiss Gbdim7 I would surely die Fm7 Fm If you dismiss me from your love N.C. Cm Cm7 You take my breath away.
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  2. You Take My Breath Away Lyrics: Sometimes it amazes me / How strong the power of love can be / Sometimes you just take my breath away / You watch my love grow like a child / .
    Take My Breath Away
  3. You are so romantic, that you take my breath away!” “take somebody’s breath away”には、「(人)をはっとさせる、(人)を息もつけぬようにする」という意味です。“You take my breath away.”を直訳すると、「あなたは私を息もつけぬようにする」とか「あなたは私をはっとさせる」という意味になり .
    You Take My Breath Away (Rex Smith song)
  4. Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from "Top Gun") by Berlin. out of 5 stars MP3 Music Listen with Music Unlimited. Or $ to buy MP3. Take My Breath Away (The Every Breath Duet Book 2) Book 2 of 2: The Every Breath Duet | by Faith Andrews | Sep 28, out of 5.
    You Take My Breath Away
  5. Sometimes you just take my breath away. You watch my love grow like a child Sometimes gentle and sometimes wild Sometimes you just take my breath away. And it's too good to slip by Too good to lose Too good to be there just to use. I'm gonna stand up on a mountain top And tell the news That you take my breath away.
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  6. You Take My Breath Away (feat. Danny Boy & Danny Lerman) Lyrics: If I had castles built on high / I'd find a million ways to write your name against the sky / Just to let you know you've caught my.
    You take my breath away.ってどういう意味?
  7. "You Take My Breath Away" is the debut single by singer-actor Rex Smith and the first release from his third studio album Sooner or Later which is also featured in the made-for-television film of the same title starring Smith and Denise stelfeccamarnewscortdekindtherivesemb.coinfo: Soft rock.
    Eva Cassidy - You Take My Breath Away Lyrics
  8. The second track on A Day At The Races could hardly contrast more with opener Tie Your Mother Down.A heartfelt Mercury love song, 'You Take My Breath Away' makes excellent use of Queen's trademark vocal harmonies over plaintive piano, and manages to completely avoid the need for a heavy guitar riff anywhere in the song.
  9. “You Take My Breath Away” was written by Mercury and based on the harmonic minor scale. All of the vocals and piano were done by him, and he performed it by himself at Hyde Park before recording it.

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